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Marven's Above brand was created to resume and keep alive the traditional concept of authentic craftsmanship in the goldsmith's art.

"Ab ovo usque ad mala" (from the Latin: from egg to apples) was a common saying among the ancient Romans to define something to look after from beginning to end.

With Above, Marven wants to stimulate a return to the purity of the origins, thus emerging from the stereotype of jewelery with fusion products and increasingly industrial methods in favour of ancient, sometimes millenary, manual work with high artisan and artistic content such as granulation, engraving, embossing and enamel cloisonné work.

The paduan goldsmith school

In the second half of the twentieth century, Padua became the main avant-garde art centre in Italy. The cultural engine of this innovation was the institute "Pietro Selvatico", a goldsmith school of ancient foundation, which featured Mario Pinton, a leading figure in the goldsmith movement, as teacher and principal. Pinton knew how to transmit a revolutionary aesthetic

Associazione Marven

Associazione Marven

Venicio Bovo and the “Atelier des Orfèvres”

In this cultural ferment, in 1966, the “Atelier des Orfèvres was founded, a workshop of jewels and decorative objects, where classic taste and modernity blended naturally, created in small series and entirely made by hand.