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The Brand Above

Enrico Bovo inspires the new brand

In the new millennium, once Venicio Bovo had finished his studies and his first work experience, he welcomed his son Enrico among the Marven artisans. From here a new and prolific collaboration starts: Enrico has always been fascinated by art and is often in contact with artists, architects, designers and stylists with whom he collaborates. Marven starts working for major international fashion brands, developing niche jewelery and accessories from design to final production. The creative stimuli of Enrico, combined with the experience of the master Venicio, generates prestigious works in silver and above all, in 2014, they gave origin to the first brand of the company, called ABOVE, which will be used to give an identity to all jewelry collections produced up to that time and the following ones.

Why Above?

Marven's Above brand was created to resume and keep alive the traditional concept of authentic craftsmanship in the goldsmith's art.

"Ab ovo usque ad mala" (from the Latin: from egg to apples) was a common saying among the ancient Romans to define something to look after from beginning to end. With Above, Marven wants to stimulate a return to the purity of the origins, thus emerging from the stereotype of jewelery with fusion products and increasingly industrial methods in favour of ancient, sometimes millenary, manual work with high artisan and artistic content such as granulation, engraving, embossing and enamel cloisonné work.